“How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”

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Twitter Online System

Keeping Followers Updated On Twitter Can Be Very Time Consuming For Businesses. This Desktop Application Will Solve That Problem Instantly. It Is Incredibly Easy To Set-up And Start Using Right Away. Get Instant Access To Automating Twitter Business TodayOkay, so first?

It’s twittering. If it’s a word at all.

Secondly, it’s easy.

If you’re in  cubicle farm now, look around and tell me how many people you see who are Actually working.

If there are 25 people around you, I’m willing to bet that if you look closely, 5 people are working, 5 are doing something social that’s related to working, and 10 are just looking like they’re working.

Not because they’re lazy or stealing time from their company.

No. The people in the last two groups are doing something  human mind needs time to breathe between tasks. I figured this out way back when I got the tapes, “Where There’s a Will, There’s an A”. I badly needed this course as a student when I came back from Africa for middle school. Because where in Africa, we learned things by understanding them, and then building on knowledge we previously had, it was different in the States.

Eventually I figured out that the reason why my grades had dropped  in Math and Science, even though we’d been ahead of those courses when we returned, was that the education system here was more focused on the standardized testing system than it had been when we’d left.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But I’d learned a different style of absorption, and I’d have to adjust. So I found the “Where There’s a Will” course and it really did help.

My most important lesson from it was that you remember most the last thing and the first thing you read. I have no idea if there’s any science behind this but it definitely worked for me.  To achieve more retention of the facts you were memorizing, the theory was that you need to make the opportunity to remember more information happen more often.

And it was then I learned to chop my learning up into smaller tasks.

Read five pages. Take a break. Review the high points, start again.

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Of course, this carried over into my professional life. It’s helped me absorb a great deal more information. And since I have this horrible tick about wasting down time (long story for another day), I had to figure out – what can I do while I’m letting my mind breathe?

When I worked in a corporate setting, that was easy. Get up and talk to a co-worker, see if my boss needs anything, visit another department and reinforce my alliances. But the last two offices I’ve had it’s been either just me or me and one other person.

And there’s only so many times you can say hi to your one co-worker who works eight feet from you – or your own reflection – before you start to seem like a lunatic.

I prefer that no one happens upon that information before I’m ready. You understand.

Anyway. Now that most of my co-workers or people who work for me are in other states or countries, I visit them online. Which is where Twitter, Facebook, etc comes in.

You see, being able to spark acquaintances online is an ongoing task, and will take continuous follow-up on your part. However, you don’t have to feel like you have to spend an hour on each site for these connections to take place. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you automate the supporting tasks, or let you know that it’s time to follow up- including Twitter itself!

We’ll chat more another time about how to have meaningful discourse on multiple mediums without spending your whole day networking online.
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