5 Methods To Make Money Writing Articles Online

5 Methods To Make Money Writing Articles Online

Thanks to the Internet, it is quite easy to make money writing articles online. Google is now demanding for fresh and unique content that is also relevant to certain topics and websites. No longer can webmasters blast the same duplicate content across the Internet and hope to get traffic to their own websites. Because of this, the demand for unique content is very high. Writers can now make money online writing articles without any experience or skills. Here are 5 simple steps to instantly make money as an online writer:
Method 1: Write For Online Magazines

Most of the most prestigous magazines in the world have now went digital; since most people get their information online. This is a great opportunity for those looking to make money writing. There are online magazines for almost any topic such as; fashion, science, technology and much more.

Since these magazines often have paid subscribers, they often pay more for articles. One nicely written article can go for $200-$500, depending on how popular and profitable the magazine is. To land these type of writing jobs is much harder, but worth the effort. Most writers will have to send in a query or a writing sample of a particular topic in order to be considered. Each magazine has their own requirements or instructions, so it is important that writers read them carefully before sending writing samples. Before long, writers will be able to make money writing; just as long as they research Internet magazines that has topics they are interested in.

Method 2: Writing For Webmasters and Internet Marketers

This method does not take as much work as it would for writing for magazines because the demand for such content is very high. People with websites that sell products and services rely on traffic from the search engines in order to make sales.
The positive side to writing for Internet marketers is that it is easy to find writing jobs in this field to make money writing. The negative side is that competition is high and the pay is very little. It can be hard to market your writing services to webmasters for $10/per article when there are hundreds of writers who are willing to write for $2/per article. The best way to find clients is to use forums and search engine optimization.

Method 3: Essays and Research Papers

Research papers and college essays will always be in demand. With the popularity of having a college education, there will always be clients. Writing essay papers requires a lot of research, which means you can charge more for writing projects. Some writers have a hard time doing this for a living because they see it as unethical. Despite this, most research writers can make up to $500 for one essay. To make money writing essays depends on the writer’s knack for researching various topics and writing in different format styles.

Method 4: Electronic Books (E-books)

People search the web all day long looking for information. Selling e-books is a good way to earn a decent living from home, and it is also less stressful because you don’t have to keep writing articles with different topics (which can be tedious).

Information products can be sold as much as $97. Some writers sell their e-books for $200 (if it comes with bonus material such as extra e-books, videos, lesson plans, etc). The key to make money writing with e-books is to find topics that are popular with consumers. Browsing the ‘question-and-answer’ websites is a good idea to come up with topics for e-books.

There are multiple ways you can make money online writing articles. The key is to be persistent and to never give up when it comes to looking for clients. Selling articles online and marketing your own writing services gives you the chance to set your own prices. There are a ton fo writers who are making a six figure income writing articles. The key is to be creative when it comes to marketing your services.

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