5 Powerful Article Marketing Tips That Will Propel Your Website To Success Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan

When it comes to article marketing, many people believe that writing a large amount of articles and submitting them on various venues around the web is enough to bring success and high traffic rates to their websites.

While it would be nice if this were true, the simple truth is that a small number of excellently written articles that follow these five powerful article marketing tips will bring greater success than hundreds of generic articles. If you want to see true success, it may be a good idea to consider the following tips.

Brevity -:

First of all, it has long been said that the best marketing logo is short and simple because that is what people remember. When it comes to articles, the same principle is true. Most people are not likely to spend the time reading through an article that covers more than one page of their web browser, so don’t try to make them. Keep your article short and sweet and you will be surprised to see the amount of hits you receive.

Information, not promotion -:

Most people try to craft promotional articles to sell their website, services, or products with. However, while most articles are written with a promotional purpose, they need to be written with an informative intent. Sell your readers on your solution by first offering them the solid information they actually wanted when they entered their search query. Once they have their information they will be much more receptive to a solution, which is why promotional material is best kept at the end of an article.

Effective titles -:

The first thing that a person sees when they see search engine results is the title of your articles. If your titles are bland or non-attractive chances are that the browser will skip right over them for a result that is, even if your result is ranked higher. With this in mind, make every title scream out to readers by offering them the information they want within the first few words. If you cannot get them at the title, what makes you think that you can snag their attention long enough to read through the article to get to your promotion.

Article Directory placement with a reason -:

It can be tempting to submit your articles to every article directory on the web, but a few well placed articles on major submission sites is much better than a bunch of failed attempts. This is because major submission sites have a much larger ratio of readers, so spend your time crafting your articles to meet high directory criterions and you will not be disappointed by the results.

Cross References -:

Finally, one thing that people often forget is that each article acts as a portal to another. If you interest a reader enough they will want to read more from you. Make it easy by offering links to other associated articles that you have posted within your articles. The more a browser reads your content the better the chance they are going to take a second look at what you are promoting.

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06 2 5 Powerful Article Marketing Tips That Will Propel Your Website To Success Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan 5 Powerful Article Marketing Tips That Will Propel Your Website To Success Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan

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