Article Marketing Tips: Two Easy Ways To Create A Compelling Signature Box Posted By : Jaime Soriano

One of the best methods to drive quality traffic to your website or blog is through article marketing. Besides the fact that it is a free marketing tactic, article marketing also positions you to brand yourself as an leader in your niche. In addition, because your website visitors are getting through to your website from a piece of your content, there is a higher chance that they will become a subscriber once they take a look at the information on your website.

There are several parts to article marketing. Some of the more obvious parts include a compelling headline and a “lead generating” article body. But, many new marketers often neglect, or spend very little time on, the signature box. The signature box is extremely important since that is where your call-to-action is, and where you put your link. Before I go into the 2 different ways you can create your signature box, I want to encourage you to use anchor texts, instead of just placing your URL, in your signature. This will help you target the keywords and key phrases you want to, as well as help you create a strong backlink to your site, or whatever you want your article to link back to.

Creating backlinks will increase your website’s relevancy and popularity , as far as search engines are concerned. And this will help get your site ranked higher, which will increase it’s position and this will ultimately get you more free traffic, which will ultimately help you get more subscribers (leads for your business)…

OK, now that that’s out of the way. Here are 2 simple ways to create your signature box:

1. “Short Direct Call To Action” Signature Box – This is the simplest way of creating your signature box. It’s a simple and direct call to action. For example, you can create a sentence like:

To learn how to generate leads for your business, visit lead generation basics

In this case, you can make “how to generate leads” and/or “lead generation basics” your anchor text, assuming that those are keyword or keyphrases you’re looking to target.

2. The Answer Signature Box – The way you would set this up is by making the very last sentence in your article body a question, then placing the answer in your signature.

For example, you can make the last question in your article body a question like:

Do you want to discover how you can generate an endless flow of leads for your business?

Then you can put your answer in your signature box, like this:

If you’re ready to stop struggling in your business and start generating more leads than you can get to, click here to learn how to generate leads online.

Or, you can make it an even more direct response to the question and simply say:

Click here to learn how to generate leads online.

In both example, you can make “how to generate leads” your anchor text.

There are many different ways you can create your signature box. You can get as creative as you want. Also, most article directories allow you to place two links in your signature box, so you can create one anchor text leading to your website (or blog), and another anchor text leading to a capture page. Feel free to test different signature boxes so you can discover what converts best for you.

Happy Marketing!


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