Article Submission: Effective Marketing Tool Or Waste Of Time? Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan

Article submission has been one of the most popular search engine optimization tools since the integration of the internet into daily life. However, as the world of SEO continues to evolve, many people wonder if article submission is still an effective marketing tool or simply a waste of time. The answer to this question can be both, because how you actually use the tool determines the results that you see for your own personal website. In order to ensure that your article submissions are a valuable tool, here are a few guidelines that should be observed.

Craft educational and useful articles

First of all, when you create an article submission you should not focus as heavily on the marketing side submission within the content. If you create an article that is slightly slanted, but more focused on providing useful information to readers you will see much greater results. An ideal article will offer solid information that persuasively convinces the reader that you are reliable and are capable of providing sailable solutions.

Sparingly use keywords

Overstuffing content with keywords used to help sell content, but now overstuffing an article will actually decrease your overall SEO value. Instead, of an article submission to actually be effective you should aim for a 3-4% keyword density which not only will help you score higher in value, but will also create a friendlier article for your audience to read since it will flow naturally.

Creative content

It can be easy to take the same article and rewrite it in a variety of ways so that you can submit dozens of articles to directories at one time, however, it is much more effective to create a small handful of articles that are distinguishable and valuable to the reader than a collection of replications. In general, you should aim to produce content that is at least 80% unique if you want to produce high rated content that effectively portrays your website in the manner that you wish. As a side note, article spinning software should be avoided at all costs due to the fact it is often unnatural and flawed.

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06 2 Article Submission: Effective Marketing Tool Or Waste Of Time? Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan Article Submission: Effective Marketing Tool Or Waste Of Time? Posted By : Sachin Kumar Airan

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