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Ebay Dropship Profits: Are There Profits To Be Made With Ebay Dropshipping?

Lots of people, when they are selling online can make big eBay dropshipping profits.

It is a great way of selling as it can take out the hassle of storing stock and sending out the items.
This is attractive to people who do not have a lot of storage space or who do not want to worry about packaging and posting out items.

However, the eBay dropship profits will not be as high as if you were selling the items directly. The dropship company will charge for the services that they are providing and so you will have to consider this and make sure that you think it is worth the drop in profits.

Of course you will be saved a lot of time and effort and it is possible that you may have not even had the option of selling on eBay if you didn’t use a dropship company.

If you are looking to make good profits from eBay dropshipping then you will need to start by choosing a company which do not charge too much money for their services.

This means that you will not be giving such a big cut of your profits to them. However, you do need to make sure that the company does provide a good quality service – it will be no good having a good profit if the items that are sent out are not good quality or do not get packaged well.

This would defeat the object of using a drop shipper as you would not only be spending a lot of time dealing with customer complaints, but you would be unlikely to get any repeat business and would not build up a good reputation as an eBay seller.

It is a good idea to make sure that you use a company with a good reputation, in order to avoid this happening and if they are quite cheap, then this will help you as well.

Therefore it is important to consider your long term eBay dropship profits as well as how well you are likely to do in the short term.

Consider your long term sales goals, profit goals and customer service goals and make sure that the dropship company that you choose fits in with those goals.

It is certainly well worth doing a lot of research and thinking very hard about your eBay dropship profits before you decide whether dropshipping is the right option for you and whether the company that you want to use will be the best to provide the service that you require.

By: Daniel Dwase

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