A 1-2-3 Guide to Joint Venture Marketing Success

Fact: Two Horses Can Pull About 9,000 Pounds
Question: How many pounds can FOUR horses pull?

If you are like me, your initial response was to say that four horses can pull 18,000 pounds. Sounds reasonable–but its wrong!

Four horses can actually pull over 30,000 pounds. What the difference? It’s something called synergy. Synergy is theenergy or force created by the working together of various parts or processes.

Synergy. That’s the power behind what is commonly called Joint Venture Marketing. In a “Joint Venture” or “Endorsed Offer,” two parties leverage their assets (client lists, finances, technological expertise etc.) for the mutual benefit of both.

Joint Ventures are commonplace on the Internet. If you have ever exchanged links with another web site or perhaps traded ads with an ezine publisher, then you have engaged in a rudimentary Joint Venture. Unfortunately many marketers stop at this point–failing to enjoy the profit potential of this incredible marketing strategy.

You want to be different, right? Well, I am going to give a simple 1-2-3 formula that will allow you to profit using Joint Venture Marketing.

STEP ONE: You Need a GREAT Product!

This is the key to real success in any business, isn’t it? Unfortunately so much of what passes as “useful products” on the Internet is just plain garbage.  Too many people promises the moon but delivers nothing but cheese.

Listen, if you give your clients something of value up front then they will become happy customers for life. They will come back and buy over and over again.

Now if you don’t have the time or inclination to create your own product, you can seek out the products of others.  Many internet businesses offer entreprenuers the tools and resources they need to work as an AFFILIATE of the master site.  Look for good product(s),  high commissions, and good customer service.  For a minimal years expenses (no more that $10,00) you can get a domain name to redirect to your affiliate link, for a more professional look and feel.  One of my favorite type of products to offer are those which offer web hosting, resell products, and dozens of other tools and resources to create and effective marketing presence in this Post-Modern era.  If you need such tools – and/or are looking for a good company to represent – check out http://www.freeagentprofits.com

NOTE that recent legislation demands that those who represent other businesses offer a disclosure of share profits.  I include on my sites and emails an appropriate disclosure statement.  Check out recent laws about these matters.  It’s not too complicated – and it is important.

Got your product? Great! Now let’s move on to…

STEP TWO: You Need a Joint Venture Partner(s)

Here’s one of the best methods around for finding Joint Venture partners. Visit http://www.alexa.com and download “Alexa.” This will soon become your secret weapon for finding the information you need to make a significant Internet income. Play around with Alexa and you will soon learn how to use its many important features for developing a powerful and PERSONALIZED Joint Venture proposal letters.

Assuming you’ve got “Alexa” loaded and running, use your favorite search engine and check for key words.

If you are using a product like that at http://freeagentprofits.com, check out terms like:

* Internet Marketing
* Marketing
* Business Success
* Advertising
* Online Sales
* Making Money
* Entrepreneur
* Email Marketing
* And any other key words that will find you business owners, e-zine publishers, etc.

If you’ve done your searches you are ready for the next step.  It’s now time for…

STEP THREE: Offer a Proposition That Will Make Joint Ventures Happen Like Mad!

You’ve visited your prospective partners site. You’ve used “Alexa” to do some strategic research. Now take what you’ve learned and create a personalize Joint Venture proposal. Make sure that you make specific references to their site’s content to get their attention and assure them they AREN’T getting Spammed!

Here’s a letter I use to introduce people to http://www.freeagentprofits.com


((If ALEXA doesn’t find their name put in Sir:/ Maam))

I represent one of the best Internet Site for Business Development and the creation of a online professional presence in today’s world.  I visited your site on the net and since you seem to be doing well (at least I get that impression from your site)

((*remove the asterisks and write one or two lines about their
site, something like: “with your promotion of “Save-A-Patriot

and since you’re obviously stable in business and we know you’ve been on line since __(your got this info using alex_______ with a significant success in what you’re doing, we want to share an idea with you we believe will make you a nice second stream of revenue while rendering a very noble service to your customers.

Since I feel we represent a product that is a perfect non-competitive but needed service you can offer them we believe you’ll do rather well so we’re prepared to offer you a generous commission of ###% (whatever your affiliate program offers – or whatever deal you want to recommend, if it is your product)

You can check out all the details at http://freeagentprofits.com (or whatever your affiliate link)

Or, if you prefer, you can call me between ___ & ___ one day this week, I’ll explain everything in full. It will only take about 10 minutes of your time but it can mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line.  (IF YOU are marketing your own product, I strongly suggest to offer the phone call option.  Many will not call – preferring to visit the site.  That said, a professional business will offer the more personal tough that a phone number provides.

I think you’ll be excited as I was when I found you on the net. My number is 888-XXX-XXXX and just tell whoever answers I’m expecting your call.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

PS If you prefer I call you, just reply to this message with your telephone number and the best time when I can reach you. Make sure you send it with your name in the Subject line so I can pick it out of the many Emails I get and get right back to you.

Is it really that simple! All you have to do is commit to work a couple days a week surfing, finding prospects, and sending out letters. Then set aside a couple of hours each day to make your calls and arrange the deals. It’s that simple… and yes, it works.

SO – That’s the next and final step!


(* Portions of this edition is reprinted with the permission of Mike Enlow, Joint Venture Marketing Consultant and remains protected under the original owner’s copyrights of 1997, 1998, 1999 Enlow Enterprises, Inc.)


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