Video Marketing Is Critical Today

The Power of Social Video Social Media has changed the way consumers and brands connect, it has become intrinsic to a brands marketing mix. Video is the crown jewel of sticky content and the closest thing to real life, this powerful medium is being embraced in unfathomable volumes across powerful channels….the new frontier, don´t be left behind. http

How To Make Money – Video Marketing Is Critical Today

Can you recall the days when it was optional for a business to have a website? Those days are over. If you are wondering how to make money and do not have a website, you can quickly identify what the problem is. As the years progress, and we become more and more dependent upon the Web, its importance grows. Not only does its importance grow, but so do the means of communication on the internet. One such means of communication is video marketing. Video marketing will be the focus of this article.

How many people are in the world? I believe we are somewhere around six-billion now. Do you know how many websites are on the internet today? Well, last I checked, there were over 14 billion websites. The saying, “Publish your website and they will come”, died sometime back in the 1990’s. With that being the case, how to you get people to pay attention to your product or service? How do you get the attention of your target market, and stand out from others going after the same market?


BOX006 Video Marketing Is Critical Today


Below, we are going to discuss some of the things you have to do if you want to keep ahead of the competition and dominate your niche.

1. These days, the most successful websites use video sharing portals to get the attention of their target market. You simply must take steps to reach more individuals in your niche. Do this by creating an entertaining and attention grabbing video and put it on YouTube to hit a wider audience.

2. Before making any video, you have to know who you are gearing it towards. In other words, you have to identify your target market, and make a video which addresses their concerns. Individuals in this market are your future customers. Identify a problem which members of this market are experiencing, and show how your product or service solves this problem.

3. Keep in mind when making a video that your viewers will eventually stop watching. The fact is that the attention span of your visitors sitting at their computers watching your video is far shorter than the individual sitting comfortably on the couch watching television. Therefore, your video should be entertaining, get your message across, include a call to action, and be straight to the point.

4. Do you have a product or service which will not be done justice if described by words alone? No problem. Use videos to actually give demonstrations on how your products and services work. Thereafter, you can show the live results. For instance, I recall watching a video for an internet marketing product. The video walked the viewer through the steps of how the product worked. Thereafter, the video shows the results achieved by using the product. This is very compelling.

For anyone searching for how to make money, the key is standing out in your niche market. When you stand out, you eliminate the competition. Video marketing is one such method in which you can do this.


By: Brian Lett

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Often times videos are a key factor in finding out How To Make Money. While you will need more that just videos to Make Money, it is my hope that you can see why they are so valuable. Drop by and see usat

Make Money On eBay Buying and Selling

Parts 1 & 2 of “Make Money On eBay Buying and Selling”  BY “The Executive Teenager”  simple smile Make Money On eBay Buying and Selling

You 9-5 “growup” need to take notes.

Make Money on eBay Buying and Reselling — Part 1 of 2
Blog: In this video I am going to walk you through a few methods of buying and reselling on eBay. I´ll also give some various listing tips. Note: I used these methods combined to earn over $3500 a month back in the day. Check out Part Two:

Make Money on eBay Buying and Reselling — Part 2 of 2
Watch Part 1 First: Blog: In this video I am going to walk you through a few methods of buying and reselling on eBay. I´ll also give some various listing tips. Note: I used these methods combined to earn over $3500 a month back in the day.


How To Make Money With Ebay Business – Quick Tips

EBay is an online shopping site in which people and business buy and sell a broad variety of products & services worldwide. This is open for everyone. If you need to buy anything, or if you have any old digital, electronic or any things, you can sell these items on eBay.

EBay is not online a shopping site but also known as make money websites. As an eBay seller you can make enough money. Thousands and thousands of sales are make each day, resulting in a great profit for a thousands of sellers.

Make money with eBay is very easy and anyone can start it easily. But start only if you like selling and buying business. If you don’t like this type of business, simply leave this and choose other best suitable options for you. Because only starting a business is not enough. You need to make a plan, goal and some investment for it.

How to make money with eBay business?

Step 1: Join eBay as a seller – This is first step that you need to get started with this. You can join for free. You need to proper information, address, and other information correctly. Else you account may be banned.
Step 2: Find Products to Sell – Second step is find products to sell. If you have not a personal shop or products to sell, then you need to get products from other resource. But if you may not get cheap products, then you may not sell that in a huge profit. Before purchasing items, you must compare offers to get the best price.

You can also sell your old products. You may have an old mobile, desktop computer, laptop or any products, that you can sell on eBay
Step 3: Now, start selling your items. Many sellers have their own shop on eBay. But it is not necessary; you can start without having an eBay shop. You need to think about price o the items you are selling.

By: Kumar Krishna

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Kumar Krishna is an online marketer and author of How to make money on Youtube. You can visit to know more how to make money on eBay .

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Beginners eBay® Auction Guide – Learn To Sell On eBay®

Learn Haw To Get Started Selling On eBay® Quickly And Easily. For People Who Have Never Sold On eBay® And People Who Have Just Started Selling On eBay®.

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How to Buy, Sell, and Profit on eBay: Kick-Start Your Home-Based Business in Just Thirty Days
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A lively insider’s guide to starting a successful small business selling items old and new on eBay, written with personal anecdotes, well–kept secrets, and insider tips by Adam Ginsberg, eBay’s most successful private salesperson.

This is the insider’s guide to making money on eBay. Adam Ginsberg is the most successful seller on eBay, moving around a million dollars’ worth of merchandise every month. Not only will he impart his personal secrets on how to sell on eBay –learned through years of experience – and his tips on expanding your small business using eBay as a global market, but he’ll also give fun side–notes and anecdotes, keeping the book lively and making it a fun and interesting read.

This book will be a must–have for all current and aspiring eBay sellers, all small–business owners, and anyone who wants to learn how to start a million–dollar company.

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Ebay Dropship Profits

Starting an Online Business? Here´s How to Start for FREE
Earn $$$ 100% FREE No Cost Online Business Are you looking for a way to start an online business without spending money? How if there´s an online business that you´ll just need a PC and an internet connection. Now, here´s your opportunity to earn an extra income from home through a legit…

Ebay Dropship Profits: Are There Profits To Be Made With Ebay Dropshipping?

Lots of people, when they are selling online can make big eBay dropshipping profits.

It is a great way of selling as it can take out the hassle of storing stock and sending out the items.
This is attractive to people who do not have a lot of storage space or who do not want to worry about packaging and posting out items.

However, the eBay dropship profits will not be as high as if you were selling the items directly. The dropship company will charge for the services that they are providing and so you will have to consider this and make sure that you think it is worth the drop in profits.

Of course you will be saved a lot of time and effort and it is possible that you may have not even had the option of selling on eBay if you didn’t use a dropship company.

If you are looking to make good profits from eBay dropshipping then you will need to start by choosing a company which do not charge too much money for their services.

This means that you will not be giving such a big cut of your profits to them. However, you do need to make sure that the company does provide a good quality service – it will be no good having a good profit if the items that are sent out are not good quality or do not get packaged well.

This would defeat the object of using a drop shipper as you would not only be spending a lot of time dealing with customer complaints, but you would be unlikely to get any repeat business and would not build up a good reputation as an eBay seller.

It is a good idea to make sure that you use a company with a good reputation, in order to avoid this happening and if they are quite cheap, then this will help you as well.

Therefore it is important to consider your long term eBay dropship profits as well as how well you are likely to do in the short term.

Consider your long term sales goals, profit goals and customer service goals and make sure that the dropship company that you choose fits in with those goals.

It is certainly well worth doing a lot of research and thinking very hard about your eBay dropship profits before you decide whether dropshipping is the right option for you and whether the company that you want to use will be the best to provide the service that you require.

By: Daniel Dwase

Article Directory:

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Kid Uses Google Adsense To Make Money With Videos on Youtube


How to Make Money on Youtube, Your Website, or Your Blog with Google Adsense and Revenue Sharing

The Youtube King – Make Money Online With Video Sponsoring
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Residual Income Business Opportunity

How To Select The Best Residual Income Business Opportunity

What Is Residual Income And Why Is It Smart Money
Discover why earned income is a dead end, a trap with no exit, and learn how to develop a residual income. How to build a residual income will be most important thing you´ll discover hands down. Folks, if you are not devoting a substantial amount of your time to building a residual income then your future will be filled with struggle.


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A lot of people are actively looking for a lucrative residual income business opportunity, but they make critical mistakes. Here’s how you can avoid those costly errors. The 3 key main factors to consider are:

1) the amount of monthly income generated
2) the amount of resources required to create that stream of residual income
3) the duration of the income, including whether or not the amount of income increases or decreases over time.

51LY9L2cF1L. SL160  Residual Income Business Opportunity

Passive Income Ideas: The Ultimate Guide To Create Passive Income Sources That Will Produce Residual Revenue To Infinity And Beyond
by: Horace Caldwell
published: 2011-06-02
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The easy way to make money is passively. But how do you create passive income? Passive Income Ideas will lead you down the path to passive income success. Many ideas are illustrated like making money from your own property, unusual investment ideas that work and creating passive revenue with the power of the Internet. So dive in and enjoy the ride!

Most people make the error of, first, being introduced to a company and then, second, trying to see if it is a good residual income business opportunity. They fall into the proverbial trap of not being able to see the forest for the trees. They find the tree first, without knowing what kind of forest it is in. A better approach is to identify the ideal forest first, and then look for the best tree in that forest, second. Giant Sequoias are much much taller than pine trees, but you wouldn’t see that if you only look in pine forests.

The kind of forest to look in for the absolute best residual income business opportunity is NOT that of the employee or the self employed. This includes traditional work-from-home businesses. In addition, some people think that network marketing is a good forest to look in, but there is so much competition in network marketing, both in selling products and in recruiting a downline, that the return on your efforts is almost guaranteed to be low. That is how micro-economics works: high competition = low margins of return. If you are looking for the absolute best residual income business opportunity, the proper forest to look in is that of the investor.

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As an investor, you are able to leverage other people’s time and other people’s money, while retaining control. You don’t have to sell any products or services in the midst of fierce competition. The amount of income created is directly related to the rate of return you are able to generate. You can even hire high-performing professional traders to do the active investing for you, on a pay for performance basis, so that you don’t have learn how to become a full-time trader yourself. The amount of personal resources involved can be minimal, especially if you are using other people’s money. The most valuable resource is specialized knowledge, which can be learned, from the right source. And the duration of income can be multi-generational, recession proof, and increasing every year, due to the power of compounding returns.

One excellent, yet relatively unknown source for gaining the specialized knowledge, and careful guidance on how to apply it correctly, is The Financial Freedom Foundation. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to showing people how to become financially independent. With the resources they provide, you can grow your own personal forest of Giant Sequoia sized money trees with $100 dollar bills coming off of each branch, for you to use at your convenience. They’ll show you how to create up to $100K residual income within 12 months, and give you the knowledge of how to grow that to over $1M per year, within 5 to 10 years… all this using other people’s time, talents, and money. That is the absolute best residual income business opportunity around. They even have a FREE REPORT that you can download from their website, to get an inside peek as to how you can do it yourself.


By: Steve S.

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From Awkward Commentary to Lively Discourse

61dda 3672706068 37b450cb19 From Awkward Commentary to Lively Discourse

The Awkward Butterfly © by Stephen Brace

Last post we were talking about comment anxiety, and that moment of realization that comes when you realize that the comments on your blog/ in your social media network/ during your presentation /at your networking function aren’t enough to create a true sense of community.


If you leave your blog dialogue at the level of commentary, it will stagnate. You want interaction. Commentary looks like interaction, but it isn’t really. It’s a light touch vs a deep caress.

And sometimes commentary is appropriate.

If I have a core idea of something I have created, and I just want it acknowledged, that’s enough.

But if I want my customers, subscribers, clients, audience, peers to feel like they are part of something, I want dialogue.

Instinctively, as a new blogger, I knew this. I’d owned a huge poetry community once and I remembered the turning point between plodding on, and our rapid growth into one of the top sites in the world.

So even after getting up to a couple hundred visitors a day in my business blog, and having an occasional comment here or there, it still didn’t feel successful.

Okay, now people are making comments, but they aren’t talking to each other. FUDGE!

Only I didn’t say fudge.

People Need More Than Commentary?
What. The Fudge.


Have you had that epiphany before?

You think you’re doing a great job with your business blog, hitting all the big marks, learning a ton, people are stopping by your web house, sometimes they leave messages… you’re all ready to start patting yourself on the back when you realize something.

Blog comments alone aren’t going to get it.

A successful blog doesn’t just have comments, responses or acknowledgements. It sparks interaction. Just when you had enough work to do, right?

Yes, it’ll be more on your overflowing plate. Promise it’ll be worth it, and down the road may take some of the other stuff of that plate of yours.

In other words, if community fits, and grows the way it should, you’ll have less marketing to do in the long run. Heck, sometimes you can stop marketing if you do it right.

It’s easy to forget how much and how deeply we human beings need that other voice of someone else. Most of us are fine with “hey, I was thinking that too.” Or “that’s an interesting point, what do you think about this.”

Or “I have a question about how that would work”.

Even narcissists or psychopaths need the voice of another to say “I agree that you’re awesome.”

It’s a Basic Human Need, Discourse.

61dda 3779974493 ccfd4f5ebf m From Awkward Commentary to Lively Discourse

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs © by BetterBizIdeas

And I’m not talking about commentary. Which one sounds more like it falls in the Love/Belonging part of the Maslow Hierarchy to you?

Commentary is

  • close-ended,
  • one way but in two directions
  • within in a specific narrow vein
  • has some limits imposed on it

Conversation is

  • open-ended,
  • mutli-directional, at least two-way
  • social exchange of information often sparked by a specific thing but may drift off into other areas
  • not limited by much besides the interests of the parties involve

This is an extremely important distinction. Commentary easily stagnates and dies. Communities aren’t built upon commentary. Commentary implies control and restriction.

For example, though Facebook gives more space for responses, there are still limits imposed, as there are for the initial point that sparks the commentary. That isn’t to say you can’t have a conversation on Facebook.

Just that the fewer limits there are, the more authentic the discussion tends to be.

Want Better Conversation? Faster Community?

61dda 4140225979 83ec8071f9 m From Awkward Commentary to Lively Discourse

relax © by twicepix

You’ll have to give up some control? How much? I say 10 – 15% outside your comfort zone. Great growing place. You don’t want “This may hurt a little”.

You want, “Hey are you totally sure about this?”

Ever had to have a controlled conversation? Things that come to mind: meetings, court dates, advertising.

Controlled conversation is commentary.This isn’t evil, in and of itself.

I’m just saying that commentary doesn’t grow relationships, or businesses or influence or currency. Or communities.

You want community. No matter what you sell, there’s a community about it somewhere. A very serious, interactive one, or perhaps a light and playful one. But it exists. Wouldn’t you rather be a part of it – or even lead it – than not?

So how do you get from commentary to community?

I’ll explore them in more depth at a later time, here or my next AGBEAT Column. In the meantime, take a look at the people who are responding to you in social media, especially if you’re having trouble with marketing your products.

Then look at the communities you belong to, on and off the Web. What are they doing that your business could copy? And feel free to share. We can all learn together.


Tool Time Friday | Instant Fox Search

InstantFox combines the Firefox address bar with the search box.
Save time by entering your search term right into your address bar:
• InstantFox provides you with automatic suggestions while you are typing so you only have to type the first letters of your search term.
• Search results appear instantly as you type to give you the fastest web search possible!

bb57b instantfox 100x50 Tool Time Friday | Instant Fox Search




simply put: » w searchword « into your address bar to search Wikipedia for example.

Check it out here!


“How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”

776d3 twitter “How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”cb twittersys “How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”

Twitter Online System

Keeping Followers Updated On Twitter Can Be Very Time Consuming For Businesses. This Desktop Application Will Solve That Problem Instantly. It Is Incredibly Easy To Set-up And Start Using Right Away. Get Instant Access To Automating Twitter Business TodayOkay, so first?

It’s twittering. If it’s a word at all.

Secondly, it’s easy.

If you’re in  cubicle farm now, look around and tell me how many people you see who are Actually working.

If there are 25 people around you, I’m willing to bet that if you look closely, 5 people are working, 5 are doing something social that’s related to working, and 10 are just looking like they’re working.

Not because they’re lazy or stealing time from their company.

No. The people in the last two groups are doing something  human mind needs time to breathe between tasks. I figured this out way back when I got the tapes, “Where There’s a Will, There’s an A”. I badly needed this course as a student when I came back from Africa for middle school. Because where in Africa, we learned things by understanding them, and then building on knowledge we previously had, it was different in the States.

Eventually I figured out that the reason why my grades had dropped  in Math and Science, even though we’d been ahead of those courses when we returned, was that the education system here was more focused on the standardized testing system than it had been when we’d left.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But I’d learned a different style of absorption, and I’d have to adjust. So I found the “Where There’s a Will” course and it really did help.

My most important lesson from it was that you remember most the last thing and the first thing you read. I have no idea if there’s any science behind this but it definitely worked for me.  To achieve more retention of the facts you were memorizing, the theory was that you need to make the opportunity to remember more information happen more often.

And it was then I learned to chop my learning up into smaller tasks.

Read five pages. Take a break. Review the high points, start again.

51ZqDQnb5uL. SL160  “How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”

The Twitter Book
by: Tim O’Reilly
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Twitter is not just for talking about your breakfast anymore. It’s become an indispensable communications tool for businesses, non-profits, celebrities, and people around the globe. With the second edition of this friendly, full-color guide, you’ll quickly get up to speed not only on standard features, but also on new options and nuanced uses that will help you tweet with confidence.

Co-written by two widely recognized Twitter experts, The Twitter Book is packed with all-new real-world examples, solid advice, and clear explanations guaranteed to turn you into a power user.

  • Use Twitter to connect with colleagues, customers, family, and friends
  • Stand out on Twitter
  • Avoid common gaffes and pitfalls
  • Build a critical communications channel with Twitter—and use the best third-party tools to manage it.

Want to learn how to use Twitter like a pro? Get the book that readers and critics alike rave about.

Twitter Application Development For Dummies by Dusty…

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Of course, this carried over into my professional life. It’s helped me absorb a great deal more information. And since I have this horrible tick about wasting down time (long story for another day), I had to figure out – what can I do while I’m letting my mind breathe?

When I worked in a corporate setting, that was easy. Get up and talk to a co-worker, see if my boss needs anything, visit another department and reinforce my alliances. But the last two offices I’ve had it’s been either just me or me and one other person.

And there’s only so many times you can say hi to your one co-worker who works eight feet from you – or your own reflection – before you start to seem like a lunatic.

I prefer that no one happens upon that information before I’m ready. You understand.

Anyway. Now that most of my co-workers or people who work for me are in other states or countries, I visit them online. Which is where Twitter, Facebook, etc comes in.

You see, being able to spark acquaintances online is an ongoing task, and will take continuous follow-up on your part. However, you don’t have to feel like you have to spend an hour on each site for these connections to take place. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you automate the supporting tasks, or let you know that it’s time to follow up- including Twitter itself!

We’ll chat more another time about how to have meaningful discourse on multiple mediums without spending your whole day networking online.
banner468x60 01 “How do you get any work done with all your twuttering?”

Why Business Owners Routinely Bet the House, and Why It’s Getting Harder to Do

He wanted to expand the business and pay off a $290,000 debt he had with the seller, replacing an 8 percent, seven-year debt with a 6.5 percent, 20-year loan. “It would have made a huge difference in terms of cash flow and growth capital,” Mr. Kumar said.

But both lenders he was negotiating with demanded that Mr. Kumar put up equity in his own home as collateral. Mr. Kumar hesitated, and then as 2008 wore on, he watched the value of his home fall to $330,000 from $425,000, wiping out all of his equity. Eventually, the banks broke off negotiations. With no cash on hand and revenue down by some 60 percent during the first half of 2009, Mr. Kumar closed Precision Steel in July 2009. Today, he runs an investment advice Web site, Value Stock Guide.

The collapse of the housing market has highlighted how entrepreneurs are routinely compelled to bet the house on their businesses. For many, taking the risk is tempting because their home may be their largest asset and loans against home equity are easier to find than business loans. Also, such loans come at lower interest rates than most alternatives. They can also allow a business owner to avoid giving equity to investors.

Using data from Barlow Research Associates, a Minneapolis company that conducts quarterly financial surveys, Scott Shane, a professor at Case Western Reserve University, estimated that from 2001 to 2006, the percentage of small business owners who tapped their home equity for business, either by pledging their homes as collateral or by borrowing against home equity, rose to 27.5 percent from 18.4 percent.

Sometimes, owners have no choice. The Small Business Administration’s 7(a) loan program, for example, “requires that if there is collateral available to make a fully secured loan, the bank lender has an obligation to get it as collateral,” said Steven J. Smits, associate administrator for the office of capital access at the S.B.A. Many lenders require owners to show that they are serious by putting up cash — often from home equity loans. “The standard in the industry is lenders want skin in the game,” Mr. Smits said, “and 20 percent is a safe rule of thumb.”

These days, however, the drop in home prices means that fewer owners have the home equity option. And while there is no way to determine the precise numbers, that drop has undoubtedly restricted the ability of owners to obtain financing to start, expand or maintain a business.

“The biggest problem is that revenues of the great majority of small businesses have gone down from between 10 percent and 70 percent,” said George Cloutier, founder of American Management Services, an Orlando, Fla., consulting firm that specializes in financial turnarounds for small and midsize companies. “In normal times, there would be a movement to use home equity to shore up losses and sagging sales. The problem that has occurred is that no one’s doing home equity loans, especially on marginal cases where the owner’s business is in trouble.”

Some worry about the impact this inability to raise capital and start businesses and hire employees might have on the economy; others wonder whether it ever makes sense to demand this level of commitment from entrepreneurs.

“Most start-ups in the U.S. economy are not suitable for venture capital finance,” said David T. Robinson, a professor of finance at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke. “So it’s probably the best system we’ve got. But it’s certainly an inefficient system, because if I have a great idea but no home, and you have a lot of home equity but no ideas,” the two sides are out of luck.

For many entrepreneurs, risking the house demonstrates a passion to succeed. Zalmi Duchman, 31, took a $100,000 home equity loan on his Surfside, Fla., condo and in 2006 used $5,000 of it to start the Fresh Diet, a gourmet meal-delivery service. (He used the rest for living expenses while building the business.)

About 18 months later he took out an additional $200,000 to match with a $900,000 S.B.A. loan that he used to buy a competitor with operations in Miami and New York. “I don’t think I would have gotten the S.B.A. loan without my condo,” said Mr. Duchman, who expects the Fresh Diet to bring in $30 million in revenue this year. “I wouldn’t have grown the way I did.”

Others see taking money out of the house as excessively risky. Philip Patrick, founder of PharmaStrat, a pharmaceutical consulting firm in Flemington, N.J., started his company in 2002 with $5,000 and says he has had a profit since its first quarter.

This year, he sold his business, which had annual revenue of $5 million, without ever having borrowed against his house. “I think some entrepreneurs, when looking for money, pitch that as a positive: ‘Look how much faith I have! I’m betting down to the last nickel!’ ” he said. “But I think that’s a negative. I don’t want to invest in someone who’s down to the last nickel.”

Betting the house can be especially uncomfortable for the spouses and families of entrepreneurs. After Rick Sanchez lost his job at a film postproduction house in 2006, he and his wife, Tara Zucker, decided to take $55,000 from a home equity line of credit to buy equipment and start their own postproduction business.

Post Haste Media of North Hollywood, Calif., did well at first, and they were able to pay off half the loan. Then, in 2008, the economy declined and they had to take out more money. “For me, it was an exciting prospect, though it was scary,” said Mr. Sanchez, 58. “For my wife, it was a lot more difficult. She’s a lot more conservative with money and worries a lot more about it than I do. It took a lot of working on those issues between the two of us.” When they paid off the loan in 2010, Mr. Sanchez said, “it was a great relief.”

Not every loan has a happy ending. In 2001, Linda Frakes, of Cumming, Ga., decided to buy a franchise in the Curves health club chain. By 2004, she owned eight. But Curves began to fall out of favor, and in 2005, Ms. Frakes refinanced her home twice to take out $155,000 in home equity and invest it in keeping the franchises running while she tried to sell them. “I was having trouble making payroll,” she said.

Ms. Frakes wound up selling her franchises for far less than the $150,000 to 200,000 she had expected to get for each of them. She eventually closed two locations and sold the remaining six in three sales for a total of $500,000. At the end, she was left with $80,000 in cash.

Laden with about $250,000 in business-related credit card debt on which she was paying $4,000 a month, a $3,500 mortgage payment, and little income, Ms. Frakes held on for about six months before she stopped making mortgage payments in spring 2008. She declared bankruptcy and then lost her home in late 2009. “I explained to my son the 15-year-old’s version of bankruptcy, and his only question was, ‘Are we going to have enough money for food?’ ”

Now 56, Ms. Frakes wrote a book about her experience and today owns Health Fairs Onsite, a company that puts on health fairs at corporate locations nationwide. It is 100 percent bootstrapped. “I don’t have any credit, you know?” she said.


Tool Time Friday | Google + Bing + Ask searches Google, Bing and Ask simultaneously.

Features infinite scrolling, TAM instant answers, keyword suggest, news, private, no tracking.

Directly search YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Google/Bing maps, access weather from the search bar.


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  1. Infinite scrolling for web and image results
  2. Peek into websites/images
  3. Enhanced privacy/private/no tracking/no unique cookies
  4. Qrobe PowerSearch lets you get straight from your search bar to your search destination by adding a simple hint.
    Find a movie on Netflix (avatar /nf), a video on YouTube (inception trailer /yt), your favorite show on Hulu (office /hu) or find a picture on Qrobe image search (flowers /i), right from the search bar. With 20+ power hints get to most of your favorite destinations straight from the search bar.
  5. Share, scan for safety, shorten results (left menu)

How sweet it is.