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A 1-2-3 Guide to Joint Venture Marketing Success

Fact: Two Horses Can Pull About 9,000 Pounds Question: How many pounds can FOUR horses pull? If you are like me, your initial response was to say that four horses can pull 18,000 pounds. Sounds reasonable–but its wrong! Four horses can actually pull over 30,000 pounds. What the difference? It’s something called synergy. Synergy is […]


Creating Your Own Cartel: How Joint Venture Marketers Provide A Win-Win-Win-Win Situation

Joint Venture The very best joint ventures provide a Win-Win-Win-Win situation – in other words, everyone can profit. The customer profts because he/she is given access to a highly valued product or service that can benefit their bottom line with increase success and profits. The product owner benefits because his/her resource is taken to a […]


Joint Venture Marketing Is The Way To Go To Target Your Audience

Joint Venture Joint venture marketing has been possible for many years now. The majority of the top Internet marketers know for a fact that in order to reach out to your target audience in the fastest possible way, joint ventures are the way to go. Even though you can and should concentrate on things such […]